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How to drop and subsequently create a sql table

Alteryx Partner

Hi , 

       I have been  trying to create a table in the using "select* from" query  in the dynamic input tool and using "create table" option in the output tool and i am also using "drop table " in the pre-sql statement of the output tool

      1. The Select query in the dynamic input tool is not giving any error

      2. But when im trying to run the create table and drop table in the output tool it is showing that the error that "an object is already using this name "

      3. When i'm trying to run the select statement and the  create table without the drop table query It is running without any error , but later when i'm trying to select * from the table              to view the table , an error with "no such table or view exists " is popping up , whereas i can see the table is created in the table list. 

Any help asap is highly welcome . 



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Any reason why you cannot use the 'overwrite table' option.