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How to download standard and full dataset updates?

Alteryx Partner

Hi, seems like there must be a knowledge article on this, but I can't find it.


How do we:

  1. determine whether our full dataset license (Experian, etc.) is the most current available?
  2. where do we download updates?
  3. can we sign up for notifications of new releases?




Hi @PeterGoldey,


  1. With the exception of CASS, Alteryx doesn't check that installed datasets from the data bundle are most current.  However, Data Products does provide a release schedule on the Data Products Knowledge Base:  Data Products Knowledge Base - 2017 Data Release Schedule.
  2. Drives for Full data are shipped quarterly.  You should receive a FedEx tracking notification whenever a new shipment goes out.  If you need to request a full drive (containing Experian Demographics, Experian ConsumerView, and the Dun & Bradstreet business list), please email  Because of the size of the Full bundle, most customers receive their data via physical shipment, but downloading from S3 is also an option.  Please email if you're interested in trying S3.
    • Spatial Data customers receive their data via FTP by default.  The contact listed as the ship to contact will receive an email informing that new data is available.  Spatial Data customers can be switched to a removable USB drive if preferred (email Fulfillment).
  3. See 1 and 2 - you should receive notifications in the future.




Jerad Rades

Customer Support Engineer