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How to do data Cleansing for the below kind of data in Alteryx

8 - Asteroid

Hi Experts,


I have a situation where iam getting the below data from a data source. i want to clean the data and populate it as good data. Please suggest me how we can handle this in alteryx.

obj idaddressaddress2 regionstatecountry
1NyherjiKÿ¿ÿ¶llunarklettsvegur 2NULLReykjavikNULLIceland
2CANADIAN NORTH3731 â¿¿ 52 Avenue EastNULLEdmontonAlbertaCanada
3Atotech Deutschland GmbHErasmusstraÿ¿e 20NULLBerlinNULLGermany
4PT. NTT IndonesiaTower  WISMA 46 â¿¿ KOTA BNI 5TH FLOORNULLjakarta pusatNULLIndonesia
5BELL TECHNOLOGIESCarrera 7 No, 155 c â¿¿ 20 PISO 25NULLBogotaNULLColombia
6Tauron Dystrybucjaul. Dajwÿ¿ÿ³r 27NULLKrakÿ¿ÿ³wNULLPoland
7Tauron Dystrybucjaul. Dajwÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ³r 27NULLKrakÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ³wNULLPoland
8Tauron Dystrybucjaul. Dajwÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ³r 27NULLKrakÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ³wNULLPoland
9Tauron Dystrybucjaul. Dajwÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ³r 27NULLKrakÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ³wNULLPoland
10Centrum Medyczne Puÿ¿awska Sp. z o.o.ul. Puÿ¿awska 49NULLPiasecznoNULLPoland
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Transpose into Rows grouping on Object ID. Then use formula tool and replace special characters with desired characters.