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How to deal with changing column headers which are dates


Hi all, 

How do you deal with column headers that are dates so will change every month?  I have to compile sales data by product for a monthly report.  I have a wildcard against a network drive to pull in all the reports for a specific month.  The drive has reports by week but there will also be daily reports if the days of the month do not fall perfecting within a weekly period.  So for example Feb 2019 would a file each for the day 2/1, then week of ending Feb 8, week ending Feb 15, week ending Feb 22 and then day of 2/23, day of 2/24, day of 2/25 and so on till day of 2/28.  So you can see every month would have a different number of files. I take the filenames to obtain the date as a separate column and then crosstab against the date to make those dates become column headers.  I have to have a sum by product category and a grand total.  As the summarize tool requires me to input the column headers, how do I get this to work every month if the column headers which are dates change every month?  I hope I'm not being super confusing!  I have attached a sample workflow to show my situation.  Thank you!   




Ok, nevermind. I think I just found the answer in another post!  Put all the date columns into one column and then summarize and then put back into the table format.