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How to create table when all data is in one column on the basis of multiple conditions

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I have one column which contains all the data. The good thing is there is a pattern. I planning to use Multi-Row Tool in order to assign to each specific record appropriate category and then to use other transform tools in order to create table.


Pictured below (blue column) is the data I have and the orange column is data I planned to create so I could do something with the table.


But I am having problem with the Multi-Row Tool conditional expression - I'm not quite sure how to create expression which says: "Create records with the same value until you find in the Main field specific data/data that contains".


For these Question values there is always fixed number of values, because there are 7 answer options (good, bad, etc). But with the questions where answer is not fixed (please comment, etc) number of values depends on the number of respondents (from 2 to 20+).



The following table is my final idea. I'm not certain - maybe my strategy with the Multi-Row Tool is not the best one, so please help me. 🙂 There is attached workflow.





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Hi @slobodanium,


Please see attached my suggested solution. My Mutli-Row formula is based on the assumption the the values pertaining 'Answer Category' will always be on the top.


Hope it helps. 





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@ncrlelia thank you! This is amazing!