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How to create new column from one of the cell of excel sheet ?

Thanks @jd I have made the changes and its working fine now.

Hi, @jdunkerley79 @danilang @BarnesK


In my attached workflow i am fetching trust name from the file and and creating new column trust name and putting trust name for all the rows for that particular file.

But for one single trust i have multiple files with different file names so i cannot take trust name from file name as i am using wildcard search to fetch all files in one go.

Instead of file name I just wanted to fetch that trust name from inside of that file. in row 6 or sometimes from row 7 and need to put that name into trust name column for all the row belongs to that file.

How i can achieve this, Can you help me ?

I suggest adding a filter before the Row multi row formula filtering for non empty rows. The row numbers then become 2 and 3 for date and trust name. Workflow for this attached.


If this doesn't work you will need to add a heuristic to find (e.g. search for first Specialty value in F2 and get previous non-empty row).

Hi James I tried the same but my concern is i am using multiple join tool so in connection #1 and #2 i am fetching filename as a trust name and then i am joining so i am depend on file name . If the file name is incorrect or multiple files are present at that time i will miss that data and join condition will  be failed.

So in all the connection i want that trust name from inside the file not from the file name.