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How to create dependency from one workflow to another


Hi Team,


I have a workflow which creates some yxdb files. I want to use these yxdb as input for the remaining workflow. How will I create dependency on first workflow?.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi haya,


What exactly do you mean by "remaining workflow"? Do you want to read the yxdb files within the same workflow or a separate one?


If in the same one, you can use the block until done and first create those files and read them afterwards.


Or you can use Conditional Runner from Crew macros and run one workflow at the time.


Hi Michal,


Thanks for your reply. I want to use the yxdb in same workflow.Can you please provide an example on your reply as I was not able understand the same.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Sorry for not being explicit. I think you can do the following:


Add a formula tool with file path where you are going to save the yxdb file, then use the block until done a save the yxdb file from #1 output. Then create simple macro with an input containing the filepath, dynamic rename (with reading that filepath and changing entire file path) and macro output. Save the macro and add it from the second output of block until done. Pic below:




Let me know if it worked.