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How to create an excel output file from L or R Join output anchors with no results


Hi all
I'm not sure if maybe I using the wrong tool or what but when joining two files together, I want to create a check file to ensure that nothing is dropping into the L or R anchors? I tried inputting an Output data tool from the L and R output anchors but nothing is generated if there are no results and everything joined perfectly.  In this instance I think I would still want to have a file generated that shows no data rows.  Is there another tool that I should be using? Or can someone recommend a way to be notified if something drops into the L or R anchors after a Join tool? Thanks much!


Hello @elpc  You can try using message tool through which you can either stop the workflow with an error message.


I have created a sample workflow, please do let me know if this helps.


In the example, I have purposefully used data which will come in either of the Right or Left join so that the error message is out and in case there is no data within these two R and L outputs there will be no message that will be triggered, Please feel free to play around with attached sample.


Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good Evangelist | Alteryx Addict


Hi @elpc 


You can use this technique to output a blank cell in both cases, records or not.  If there are no records, you end up with the header and an empty row in excel.  If there are, it shows up as an extra blank row










P.S.  @ydmuley: You forgot to attach your workflow.