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How to create a new column labeling subtotal rows with the value in the total row Line 1.




How can I create a column that will label the subtotal rows with the total (bolded) row number. In Line 1 I want to label everything above the 13000 with "13000" in a new column. Then all rows in Line 1 above 14000 with "14000" in that same column. And keep doing this throughout the whole file. It is a pretty massive file and the image provided is just an example to illustrate what I trying to do. I have provided an Image of what I am trying to get as an output and what the input will be.


I am new to Alteryx and appreciate any help.Thanks! 


Input Example.PNGoutput example.PNG

It looks like you are trying to assign subtotals to financial accounts.  Funny enough, this is a challenge that we have right now, but ours have more than just the detail and subtotal levels and the subtotals refer to other subtotals so it is a little messier than your example.  I believe the attached workflow will help you accomplish what you are trying to do.





Just curious if this solved your issue?