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How to create Macro to count and compare with previous count




I am new to macros and i have some data which requires constant checks on number of counts every couple of days. What i wanted to do is count the current data and compare the same with previous count which will be updates regularly. Kind of like a feedback loop, Today's count with become previous count tomorrow. Can i do it with other way or only macro can do it?


If macros are to be created, will it be standard macro or batch macro. I a little confused with the interface tools as well. I created a workflow but if i have to take dynamic input from the other workflow, how should i do it? 


Any help will be appreciated.






I do not think you need to create a macro. If I am understanding your question correctly, this should work or at least get you headed in the right direction.(see image below)

Note: You will need to create a .yxdb that is yesterday's count.


atamagaii Solution.PNG


Really all you need to do is Overwrite Yesterday's Count with Today's Count. Workflow is attached.


Hope this helps,