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How to correctly set up CASE statement in an Formula In-DB tool?


I'm trying to calculate a new field in my In-DB workflow, but I keep getting 'Unable to prepare query' error.


I need to set this up in an In-DB workflow, as I'll be moving a rather big table within a DB, so processing outside of DB would be inefficient time-wise.


This is how my Formula In-DB is set up now - if anyone with more experience using SQL in Alteryx can help spotting what is wrong with it, I'd appreciate that very much.

To be clear - I want to create a field called 'KPCI_LEVEL' based on the values of field called 'FUNCTION_LEVEL_OBJECT'. 'FUNCTION_LEVEL_OBJECT' has numeric data type.


CASE sql.png

Hi, I believe you do not need the semi colons on every line. You probably only need add it to the last line
I would also try removing CASE at the end

Thanks for suggestions - unfortunately, the query still throws errors.


I found a way to get around that - I created reference table in Text Input and joined that to my data. Who needs SQL when you have Alteryx :)