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How to copy values between cells when 2 or more conditions are meet

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I am trying to merge row information when values in different columns meet between them...

Here is a picture of what I am trying to accomplish.

Would be great if you can give me a hand with this!



Thank you in advance

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Hope attached WF is of any help to you



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Hi @ICisneros 


This is a tricky little problem that can be solved by transposing your data and applying the proper sort order before using a Multi-row tool to replace missing data values with the value from the previous row.  Use a Sample tool to extract the values from only one of the duplicated rows and cross tab to get the original table back.   



The first few rows of the output look like this




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Thank you for your help and sorry for the late response.


Your hint help me for another project but not for this specific case (information was mixed up).

The file i share in the forum is a "reduced version". The original file has more data and I couldn't make it work with that file.



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Thank you for your help and sorry for the late response.


Your solution helped me a lot. I just modified some parameters and add 2 additional steps and voila!


Thanks mate!