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How to control output event?

7 - Meteor

Hi all, my workflow may looks like below example:


example.pngHowever, in my really task, there might be more than 30 sheets (as output) in this workflow. The output file is an excel workbook contains lots of sheets. I want to add a control element that if a value (something in conclusion) of a sheet is 0, this sheet would not be union into the final output. How can I implement this?

13 - Pulsar

I don't know that I fully understand, but if you have a field (outside your table fields) to determine which sheets are included and which are excluded, you should be able to simply drop a Filter tool after your Union and before your Layout and filter to where [YourField] != 0.  If the field that you need to filter on is inside your table fields, you will need to find a way to also include it as a separate column.


Does this answer your questions?  If not, can you add more details?  Some dummy data would be likely be helpful.

7 - Meteor

I have tried to append some fields to the end of each sheet for output control. This does work, but cost more processing time than before. If we can control output threat from beginning (or middle) to reduce resource consumption, that would be great.


Anyway, thank you indeed. I will accept your reply as solution.