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How to connect to Salesforce without security token


I can't connect to Salesforce using Salesforce Input.
Please give me advise how to connect to Salesforce without no issue.


Actual Condition:

1. In Salesforce, I set Login IP Ranges like below so that Salesforce doesn't require Security Token.Alteryx_4.jpg


2. I could connect to verify custom object definition via Salesforce Input without Security Token




3. However, Salesforce Input shows error message.

    I use correct username, password...


Are there any good idear to resolve this issue?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.




I got message : Alteryx doesn’t support connecting to Salesforce without the security token.


Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next Alteryx release. If you need a patch please contact


I contacted the support team, and share the patch.

I could connect to Salesforce without Security Token.

It's really helpful!!!



Reviving this thread in case someone knows if this solution will resolve my problem with exceeding that login rate that Salesforce allows.

I have a workflow that takes input from one Salesforce object and then makes a second and then a third call to SForce using values based on the previous calls.

For example, in SForce, we have an Account object with a relationship to an Organizations object (via a junction object). The Organizations object also has a junction object relating its records to the Contacts object. So, to get a report of all the Contacts related to an Account, we have to join two separate joins, which SForce can't do.

So, my workflow first gets the IDs from the Account object, then gets all the IDs of the first relationship object that link to Accounts. Then I use that result to get the details from the third object, etc.

But, apparently, Alteryx is reconnecting to SForce for each request, so I hit the limit of 3600 logins per hour and got locked out.

I'm wondering if the "no token" option described here would affect this problem.



Is it possible to connect with Salesforce using Saleforce Output Tool without Security Token? 


We can read Saleforce data in alteryx using Salesforce Input Tool without using security Token but in SalesForce Output tool for update/Insert/Delete we need to security token. 

Can somebody confirm?


You can paste below text after your address and get your security token emailed to you. This works even if you do not see reset my token link in setup.