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How to configure autodiscover SMTP service for Email component?

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I've 2 separate environment setup. Dev and Production environments. I'm using 'Email' component in Alteryx to send email without configuring the SMTP server. It successfully send email in Dev but not Production environment. I'm don't know where does SMTP service is being setup in Dev environment. In Production, it complaints about not finding any SMTP service.

Where does in Alteryx should I configure so that the 'Email' component will work with autodiscover the SMTP service? Is it configurable in Alteryx or Windows?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
It's not that Alteryx "auto discovers" SMTP settings.  In auto mode, Alteryx talks directly to the destination mail server to send the mail.  In effect, it is acting as its own mail server.

If auto doesn't work, it is usually firewall rules.  Often network IT will block SMTP from any machine other than the company's SMTP server.  This is a common tactic to block potential spam sending virus infections.  

So in short, if auto doesn't work, you need to talk to your IT department.
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why am I able to send emails without entering the password for the "from" email address? is it just spoofing the from address?


also, i have been using auto-detect smtp settings and now it suddenly stopped working. Any thoughts? I am using a google for business account and it has been working great for months.