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How to configure a Macro: Error with missing Field map


I am trying to Send an input into a batch macro which may contain 1 to n table names  depending on a previous step where we calculate the mismatches. 

I created a batch macro and inserted in the workflow so that it takes the input table name and runs the macro which does further analysis on what went wrong. 

I have all the inputs and everything setup but can't seem to get rid of the below error. 


Fyi- the macro has dynamic input setup so that the tablename can be updated as per the input to the macro.


can some one help?




Hey @SrilekhaVeluri ,


It's a little difficult to tell without being able to see the workflow. If that's not possible to share then one thing that may help is showing both the settings for the macro once it's dragged out into the main workflow and the Macro Input tool within the macro itself.




hi @SrilekhaVeluri 


It looks like you've created a batch macro, but didn't include a control parameter within the macro itself.  The ¿ input has a connection in the main workflow, but you don't have a corresponding Control parameter inside the macro.  From the image you provided it looks like your logic doesn't use a control parameter, so you can probably change the macro type from Batch to Standard




Thank you for the response. 


can you please show me a sample on how I may connect to the control parameter inside the macro and where to connect the output? 


the requirement is that the macro has to take the inputs from 1 to n sequentially and run the macro in sequence. 

So, I assumed a batch macro would be the way to go. 




Hi @ChrisHe 


Look at this Help example BatchMacro FileFinder Batch Macro found here in the help menu




Its a fairly simple macro that shows how the Control parameter is used to modify the configuration of a standard tool, using the Action tool





Thank you. I was able to find the issue. I guess I had to uncheck the map field option in the macro.That fixed my error.