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How to compare text in two columns that are not ordered


Hello, I am a newbie with Alteryx and I was wondering how could I find a match between my two un-ordered columns and replace one of the column (Name1) with text from the second column (Name2) if a match is found in "Name2" .


Note: column Name1 is a subset of column Name2 and the text do not exactly match with those in Name2


For example;


NullPuma Hospital
NullAnna Dispensary
queen HCqueen Health Centre
puma St. Calro Dispensary


Expected Solution:

NullPuma Hospital
NullAnna Dispensary
queen Health Centrequeen Health Centre
Puma HospitalSt. Calro Dispensary
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hey @jamte2006,


Looks like you'll need a fuzzy match here. I'm no expert in fuzzy match but there is a really good article here that explains all:

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This will do it: