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How to change the password in an indbc automatically?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Everything is said in the title :
We use indbc connection files which work. But we want to synchronize the encrypted password stocked in the indbc file when the user changes his password on the database.

Saying i got a password TOTO12345, how can I encrypt that with the same method (I believe it's DES which apparently requires a key)


Best regards.

You could create a workflow that first encrypts it, then kicks off a batch job that runs to replace it in the Alias file on the server.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks. The point is I don't have the method and the encryption key, the function, who would allowed me to encrypt it, that's exactly my point ;)

When you set up the connection, did you select : Hide, Encrypt for Machine, Encrypt for User, or Allow Decryption of Password?


I've done this before by setting the password to "Hide".

The password isn't stored in plain text, but the string that is stored for it would be the same on every machine.  So, you could set up a connection locally and whatever is saved in the xml file is the string you would insert in place of the existing password.


Alteryx Certified Partner

I selected "hide".

The idea is I got one indbc file per user on the Hadoop cluster. But when they change their password on hadoop, I want a quick way to regenerate the indbc file -the less manually at least. Something like a command line with the file, user and the password in parameter.