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How to change Tool ID for individual tool to analyze Logs better ?

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I want to create formatted Logs as output from the Logs generated by Alteryx, So i want to change Tool ID for individual tool so as to segregate it in the basis of actions i am performing.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

As far as i know you can't change the tool ID, it is directly associated in the order in which these are aggregated to the workflow.


The only way yo "change" them would be to reference them in another WF and do a replacing.


Another way would be to opent the workflow with an app like notepad ++ and change them there (not that I have ever tried it, wouldn't do it also. That goes at your own risk)






In the tool configuration you can access the "Annotation" part that will enable you to :

  • Rename the tool : so you can add a more explicit name for the tool
  • Add an annotation on the toolTool_Rename_Configuration.JPG


You can also use the Message tool to add more text to the log files. 


Hope this will help you !