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How to call stored procedure (SQL Server) in alteryx

8 - Asteroid

Hi ,


I have stored procedure which pulls the data from table (@table_name - parameter) and insert the records into another table. I want to call this procedure to read tables dynamically and execute this procedure to load the data into another table. Please help on this to achieve the same.




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

hey @Gina2021  - calling a stored procedure that brings back a select is just a matter of putting it in to the SQL editor like the screenshot below.

However - if what you're doing is a parameterised SP, alteryx doesn't have an easy way to pass in parameters as variables, you have to invoke the SP using parameters as literals 

e.g. "exec SelectStuff2 @param1 = 1,@Param2 = 1"


To do this - you need to dynamically change your query - either using a Dynamic Input tool or a macro.

Dynamic Input tool will also allow you to change Where clauses, so you may not need to use an SP.



Screenshot 2021-04-07 171318.png



5 - Atom


Thank you so much for the info... very useful.  New to Alteryx.  I am getting an error "Store Procedure are not supported for this type of connection "


Any hints on what type of connection should I have/make?




Thanks in advance.

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @wsalaz01 

Most probably you have your connection as User, it should be System.

Remember, SP work only for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or SAP Hana.