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How to build an App


I have Alteryx Server.

I need to build a simple App.


Where can I find general instructions on building an app? 


I have a spreadsheet with columns.  I want the user of the app to fill out the interface tool for each column and then save this new row of data to the existing spreadsheet.

Does anyone have an example of this simple type of App?




See how the new interface tools in Alteryx Analytics allow you to create analytic apps and deliver advanced analytics to decision makers faster than ever before.

Here's a more specific question on building an App.


There is a spreadsheet and I want to have the App user a row.

What connects the 'Drop Down' interface tool to the new row column it should write to in the spreadsheet? 

Or stated another way, what tells the App that you want to add a row, and this Drop Down values goes in which column?


Hi @brendafos,


Are you wanting the user to add a row or add a column?  The best way to configure these is to put a placeholder column or row in your workflow and update the contents and/or name with the action tool.  You will sometimes need to utilize a few action tools if you need to, for example, update a field name and contents based on user input.


You will utilize the action tool to connect your dropdown to the appropriate tool in alteryx.  Examples of the action tool are below.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx