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How to assign a unique Identifier to a duplicate row


Hello everyone,


I have a data set that tracks how an account moves through the sales stages.


What I am trying to do is create a row for the first stage by duplicating the existing record and moving existing data from one field to the other and null the previous field. Attached are screenshots to better explain.


Here is my data after the rows have been duplicated.

sales rep 1.PNG

For Record ID 1 and so on I need to:


take the created date value and move it to the Edit Date field then null the created date

take the old value field and move it to the new values field and null the old value


The issues is where, [generate row] = 0 I need to keep the second 0 for each opp-id the same and make the changes to just that first row for each opp-id.


So the final result needs to look like this.

sales rep 2.PNG 


Any and all suggestions are welcome Thank you,




Hi @nick22


I have attached a workflow (11.0) which should be dynamic to your needs. I have annotated the process within the workflow for more detail. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant




Thank you so much this works perfectly.


So how can you help with this which is quite similar to what you have done even though different. I was finding solution when i came across you string. attached is the question and the data sheet.




Hi All, I have a data set with the first column as an identifier, i am trying to copy the first seven columns (B-H) in the data set if any entry exits from the columns I-ED when the identifier that is column A is the same. can someone help with this attached is the worksheet Thanks