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How to aggregate time-series data weekly?


I have a data in daily basis for a period of time (1 month of data). I would like to make an analysis in weekly basis. How can I make it so that I can get the value of total of record each week, which week with highest total and so on. Thank you in advance. 


A summarize tool may give you what you need. You can attach several to your
data stream.

Count distinct can give you unique entries. To summarize by dates, add a
date as a grouping field, sum for any totals, max for highest, etc.

If you need to add across several columns, perhaps a formula tool before
the summarize.

Let me know if that helps.

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Hi @muhalim 


You can use a formula tool to get the format of the date that you wish. I have attached one that will get the week number from the date field.


The specifiers can be found in the above link, AKA %W is week number.


Once you have that field you can then use the summarise tool to group by that value and aggregate what you need.