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How to add multiple value filter in SAP table (ACS)

Hello All, I am trying to extract Payer data from table KNVP, I would like to exclude the records which are under Sales Org (0001 and AR07), can someone advise how this can be achieved. below is the filter I am currently applying but this is not working. PARVW EQ 'PY' VKORG EQ '0001 or AR07' Thanks Elavarasu D

@Elavarasu You can use the filter tool and use the contains function.


Contains([Field1], '0001') OR Contains([Field1], 'AR07')


Contains(String, Target, CaseInsensitive=1): Searches for the occurrence of a particular string within a string. Returns a TRUE or FALSE if the string matches the pattern. It is defaulted to case insensitive.

The CONTAINS function is case insensitive while the FINDSTRING function is case sensitive.

Contains('123ABC', 'ABC') returns TRUE

Contains('123ABC', 'abc') returns TRUE

Contains('123ABC', 'abc', 0) returns FALSE


Digan Parikh
Sales Engineer