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How to add a whole column to the body of an email?




I'm trying to send an email to myself and I'm trying to send to myself an entire column. However, nothing I have done so far isn't working and it's sending me an email for every row. Does anything know how I can send an entire column, like a list of every row? My table only has one column but has like 20+ rows.


I have tried to use the Table tool and the text tool but none of them is doing what I want.

I would use the table tool. It should output one field and one row that contains your entire dataset. You can connect the table tool to the email tool and choose that field as your body. Was a there a specific error or problem that you were experiencing with the table tool?

Yes, when I do that, I end up getting an email for EACH row. I want to get a single email with all of the rows in it... Is there any way to do this in Alteryx?

@Fairly attached is a simple version 11.0 example. i have 4 rows of input, but you can see the table tool outputs 1 record and thus 1 email would be sent:



It actually works now? I'm not sure why beforehand it was sending me an email for each row in the table... Thanks for the help!!