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How to add a new row with exisiting variables


Hay Alteryx Cummunity :)


im a newbie and i just started to use Alteryx this Wednesday. The Question (ik its rather simple but i dont get it) is the following:


I have a exisiting Excel Table. Now some Data is missing. So i have to add it. But i dont want to do it over the Input text, because it should have the same columns as in the existing table. Plus the Data that should be written in to the new Row, is a combination of 2 existing Rows. So is there a way how i can create a new Row with the Columns that already exist + just say The Data we want to add to this the certain column in that row is 4 rows above?


Anyone an Idea solve my problem ? I can also try to provide Screenshots from the table :)


Thanks for every Help u try to provide





Hi @David24321, welcome to Alteryx!


Could you post some sample data? And example of what the data looks like before and what it needs to look like after would help immensely.


Off the top of my head, you could go one of two routes (not including the Text Input solution you already mentioned):


1- Generate Rows. If you can specify the conditions where extra rows should be created, you might be able to use this to create an extra row(s) with the current data, then do some addition.

2- Filter and Union. If you apply a filter you can slim down to just the records you want to duplicate, then perform whatever manipulation/calculation you need to, and then Union those records back to your original set of data, thereby adding the extra rows you're looking for. A better option than the above in my opinion.


Hope this helps!


I Thank u @danrh


I will post some sample data early tomorrow, but thanks for the fast reply! Im amazed :D


And the Solution with Generate Rows works somehow, i just got to figure out how i want it to be :)


If i can solve it i will let you know. If not you will propably see too :D




I have solved my Problem with Help of Colleagues :)


but Thanks for your Help!


(Solution was a Combination of Summarize, Join, Union and Sort)