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How to: Schedule/create job to pick up a file using a dynamic file name


What is the BEST way to schedule a job that picks up a file with the following naming convention (YYYYMMDDFilename.csv). 


I am new to Alteryx so understanding the way it works is important and i admit I am not up to speed.  If you can provide an example of how you were able to create a scheduled workflow to use the prior days date/time with the filename dynamically - that is exactly what we are looking for. 


Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.  I do appreciate it tremendously. 


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @BuckeyeJane ,


"Best" is subjective but here's the approach I would favour. I've included the workflow and a screen recording of the build.





Because the workflow requires a folder of files to work I've attached this all in a ZIP folder.


If you have any questions just reply here and I'll be happy to explain further, but the basic process is:


1) Create a dummy field for the filename in a Text Input tool

2) Use the Formula tool to build a new filename for yesterday's date

3) Connect to a Dynamic Input tool and update the filename from the Formula tool



If I've answered your question please consider marking this solution as accepted. Thank you!


Thank you for your help Jamie.  I do have a couple of additional questions. 


1.  Does this solution pick up the most recent file in the file folder?   


2.  I am trying to  utilize this workflow using UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path location.  Would I need to add some additional steps to account for the UNC path?