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How to Pull Data from Bloomberg


Is there a way to use Bloomberg credentials to pull data from Bloomberg, clean it up and produce a .tde file for Tableau?


Ask blockspring to add bloomberg as web data service







Web Data Connector

With the Web Data Connector SDK, you can unlock a world of data that's available over the web. In addition to using the dozens of data connectors that are already available in Tableau, you can now create your own web data connector (WDC) that reads data from virtually any site that publishes data in JSON, XML, or HTML.


You could do something using the Bloomberg Server API ( to create a command you could call from the Run Command.


I dont have access to it anymore but it's quite easy to make a command which downloads a grid of data which Alteryx could read in.


A lot of legal restrictions on distributing Bloomberg data normally.


Thanks Cristian, will explore the WDC option for Bloomberg data..


Thanks jdunkerley79,  Checked the Bloomberg API details. I believe, I have to choose the right API for the service needed and pass on the right arguments. If possible, please pass on any sample workflows to pull Bloomberg data. It will very very helpful.


We have have built a connector to the Bloomberg API, you can download a free trial once you click the Subscribe button at:


Once installed, here is a workflow with sample use cases:

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Joe_Mako, looks like the download is just the .yxmd, and doesn't include the custom tool.  Any chance you could export the entire thing and link the yxzp with the macro included?  




 UPDATE: I see that you have to sign up in order to get the download.  Only issue now is that I am getting the error "Failed to start BBG session".  Ideas? 



Hi Joe, 


Thanks for your fantastic connector and before I start thank apologies as I am very much an alteryx beginner.


I'm struggling to connect an excel book as an input into your connector rather than a text file. I am getting the below error message. 


Designer x64 The Designer x64 reported: InboundNamedPipe::ReadFile: Not enough bytes read. The pipe has been ended. ¶


Both the excel book and the workflow are attached.


Does the connector only take text files or am I just being slow?


Thanks in advance,




@Joe_Mako Ignorant question maybe, but does your bloomberg connector pull just equity ticker data or is every index and economic indicator also available for download?