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How to Integrate Prior Data Results into New Data results


I would like to know if there is a way to use prior workflow results in order to create a new column in my data set to calculate the % increase/decrease.

I’m trying to set this up in a way where when the workflow is run it pulls in real time data from my input tool while utilizing my previously saved output results. Furthermore, it would be ideal if after each run of the workflow I could use the previous runs results to calculate the % increase/decrease.

Is there anyway I can automate this process without requiring any manual manipulation on my end? Any help is appreciated.

Alteryx Partner

Sounds like a perfect problem for Alteryx to solve :)


Use the new data and existing data as inputs, calculate the % difference and then write the new records back to the database.






I agree I thought about including an output to google sheets or a different file name, but if I have an input tool to pull that data set whats going to happen is that my current real time data is going to over right the previous output therefore my % change would be 0.


I may be thinking about this the wrong way, but the idea would be that this workflow could be run multiple times a day and would provide a new % increase/decrease each time but I would need to consistently be pulling the prior output results as a new data input along with my SQL real time query data (which I have set up and working fine). Would you have any ideas for that? 


You'll want to tag the inputs as something like 'Current' and 'Previous' then join or union them together, using the source field that you've created to identify which type of data it is and then execute the calculations.


If you union, you'd use the multi-row tool for the calc, if you join, you'd use the regular formula tool. 


All of this would be able to be dynamic, you will just have to manage the dataflows in such a way as to preserve the flow of data you need and then calculate.





Here is a sample of what I'm trying to accomplish. I added that date time now feature for the file name. But now I would need to use a an input tool that pulls from the output file that does not equal the date time now since if I use the input file to take my output data won't I just be using the same data when I go to do my analysis?