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How to Handle IDOCs in Alteryx?

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I want to parse a SAP IDOC file in Alteryx. Upont taking the Idoc file into input tool it is converting into respective column-record format but it is not populating the data in the segments. I have just used an input tool and browser. How I can convert this IDOC into column-record format with record values in it?



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Given the lack of replies I thought I'd at least point you in the right direction.


I'm no expert but a quick google tells me an iDoc is an interleaved file format, with a header row and then status rows interleaved with record rows, right?


You'd need to


1. import the file with no delimited (i.e. as a dlimited file with \0 delimiter)


2. strip off the header row using a sample and determine the number of columns etc


3. pull out the individual records, e.g. add a recordID and then filter on mod(RecordID,2)=0


4. split the records according to the header using a set of formulae


5. add the headers using dynamic rename


This isnt going to be straightforward, it isn't difficult either though for someone with some Alteryx experience. If thats not you then we need an Alteryx user who's familiar with the idoc format, or a simple step by step guide to parsing idoc so that a non-IDOC expert can build a macro in Alteryx.





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This i s quite  a complex theme.  IDOCs are  an intermediate  doocument SAP uses to exchange  information (documents) between SAP  systems and  the 'outer world'. IDocs  can have a  simple  or  quite  complex

hierachical structure called segments.  I will see  to create a sample  if I am deeper  in Alteryx