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How to Generate a 0 kb text file after a process is successful


Hi Team,


We want to trigger a email generation process after our data load in alteryx.For that we need to generate a 0 kb text file after the publish to tableau server load is completed.Highlighted the same in below picture.Can you please help me in explaining how  to create a text file followed by the highlighted process


like below format.





Any help would be much appreciated .

Work flow.jpg




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@haya ,


I would consider putting a SAMPLE tool after the tableau publish macro and sample 1 record.  Use a formula tool to create a date field with DateTimeStart() as the formula (date field will only carry the date).  Now deselect all fields except for this date.  You can output a file and take the filename from the date field.  This should do the trick or get you awfully close.





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Thank you for your reply.It works to create a txt file in YYYMMDD.txt format ,however it writes the date time field as well inside file .Is there any way we can create a 0 kb file?.