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How to Force an Order to Separate Workflows




I have several processes that need to happen in a specific order.  I have three separate workflows on my canvas that are not connected.  The first creates folders if they do not exist.  The second, copies a few thousand files into the newly created folders.  This process would error out if it tried to run at the same time or before the folders were created.  The third process needs to wait until both processes above have finished as it needs to look at the newly copied files and determine which to move to a third folder.  It won't be able to properly populate a list if it starts before all files have moved over.  How can I force an order here while keeping Alteryx in connection with the bat file that I'll be running in each situation so it recognizes that a certain workflow is not complete until the bat file process is complete.  Even if I can figure out how to make one process kick off after the one preceding it, I'm concerned that Alteryx will trigger the command prompt/bat file and think...ok, I'm done with this workflow, now I can move on (when it needs to be sure that the bat file that it triggered is actually finished and not consider firing it a completion of that first or second workflow.


Thanks in advance for any advice.


Sorry, I was going to attach a image of my workflows, but though it says the maximum attachments allowed is 5, directly below that it says "the maximum number of attachments has been reached.  Maximum number of attachments allowed is: {0}.

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Alteryx Certified Partner

The real challenge is with INPUT tools.  You can't force Alteryx to read an input tool at a given time.  You can however use a dynamic input tool and pass the input filename/path to it (from a preceding container).  So container 1 must complete before passing (Use a CReW Parallel Block Until Done macro) the file name to the dynamic input of container #2.  Rinse and Repeat for additional containers.





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Hi @djodts 


Another option here is to chain your workflows.   Alteryx will ensure that each workflow is complete before starting the next one.  This includes ensuring that all batch files have returned an exit code.   


 On the Workflow tab of the Workflow - Configuration screen, change type of your workflows to Analytic App.




Once you do this, go into the Interface Designer, clear on the gear and check "On Success - Run Another Analytic App".  





and enter the name of the workflow to run.


Check out this post for an interactive lesson on chaining apps