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How to Filter out Values below X


Hi There,


I was wondering if anyone could tell me the formula for filtering any values below X.


As you can see from my  attachment I have a 3 fields. what I would like to do is when grouped together is to exclude any value below 50 so that when the postcodes are plotted on the map in tableau only those with over 50 students will show. 


I know I can just use a filter in tableau but I am creating a dual axis map and do not want to apply it to both marks as they will all vanish from one side when I just apply it in the filter.


any help appreciated


Hi Matt,



I think you should be able to configure your filter like:





The basic filter section at the top enables you to pick the field you wish to query, then you enter the operator, in this example I picked ">=" which means greater than or equal to. Lastly I enter the value of 50. This means it will keep the records that are 50 or over.


If that is not quite what you meant, could you upload your data as well, as that may help me understand your query.








Alteryx Partner

Hi MattPyne

As JoeS mentioned, if you could copy/paste some rows and columns from your local file "postcode Test.xlsx" into a Text Input tool at the front end of your workflow instead of the Input tool (since we can't see your data), that would be helpful.


Hello, sorry to resurrect, while hunting for ways to 'filter' using the P-value, I came across this thread.


You can solve this two ways. #1 You can solve this in Alteryx, as mentioned in the comments above. OR #2 You can handle this in Tableau Desktop. I've attached a screenshot of a visualization 'pre-dual axis' to demonstrate the end goal.


While in Tableau Desktop...

1. right click the measure

2. select duplicate

3. right click the (copy)

4. select edit

5. write your filter in the calculated field.


If Sum(measure)>50

then Sum(measure)



Utilize this new calculation as your measure in the dual axis in your marks card VS using it as a sheet filter. Which as you stated, will filter your dual axis. Hope this helps.