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How to Export a file using a field as the naming convention

8 - Asteroid

Hi Alteryx Team!


I want to to be able to Output a .xlsx file and use the naming convention from a field in the data. 


In my attached workflow i have a simple input with a field called [FILENAME]. I want to be able to output the file as [FILENAME].xlsx


So basically whatever is populated in FILENAME is the name of the file.


I can't seem to get it to work using the attached workflow. Can anyone help?






13 - Pulsar

HI @jdelaguila 


I updated your workflow to consider the filename column as the correct file name. I used the formula tool to create the file path.


This is my preferred method to use data info as the name of the file for when outputting to a xlsx.


If you were trying to output to a CSV, the set up you were using was the correct one, would just need to change the file extension.



8 - Asteroid

Thank you sooooo much! You literally solved my problem within 5 min of me posting this. Gold STAR!!!