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How to Display Values with a Thousandths Comma in the Interactive Chart Tool?

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Hello all,
I currently have some data that I am displaying in a grouped bar chart in the interactive chart tool. I was to make the bar values present for the user, but the values only come in as large numbers. In the data, I was able to have them displayed with the comma for thousands (80,000,000 v. 80000000), but the interactive chart only displays the later...the 80000000. Is there way to manipulate the tool (or the workflow) to display the 80,000,000 in the interactive chart?



Thank you!

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Hi @NathanOch ,


You will have to create a string field before your interactive chart tool that will contain the values from the Total column as a string data type including thousand separators. I called mine [Total formatted].


You might want to add a new interactive chart tool in your workflow and reconfigure it as sometimes changes don't update properly. Select your type of chart and your X and Y axes.


Then before you select to split by Period (Current, August, September) in your interactive chart tool, go on to the Layer tab and select to use the string field you have created as test




Then if you split your chart based on the period, you should see the values to display with the thousand separators.








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Thank you for the suggestion, Angelos! I will definitely give it a try and report back. I wasn't too sure if I could do exactly what you are describing above with a string field, but your confirmation is great. Thanks again for the quick response!



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Looks like I succeeded! Thank you again for the suggestion, the help is much appreciated.




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Quick follow-up for future Alteryx users...


You can concatenate the new string field to include a '$' symbol as well by using this function:


'$' + ToString([_field_],0,16)