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How to Cross tab the data after reporting Table in Alteryx


Hi Community,


How to cross tab the data after the report table in alteryx without loosing the conditional color formatting used in it.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I don't believe that's possible. Once a Report Table is created, it is saved in a single Layout-type field. The regular transformation tools will not work the same on that single field. The formatting must come after the transformation. 


Hi Charlie,


Thanks for your reply. Is there any way that we an make conditional formatting dynamic in the report table(i.e. if any extra column is added in the input, conditional format should be applied to that new column(condition is similar for all the columns, please see the below example) and if any column is removed in the input that should not throw any error.


Condition for Column1 :

X>=Y AND Col1>=Col1 Threshold----highlight in Green

Condition for Column2 :

X>=Y AND Col2>=Col2 Threshold---highlight in Green

.... and so on.