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How long does a Beta application response take?

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How long should I expect to wait for a response to a Beta application?


I've been waiting for months.


The latest release (2020.1) notes brag a lot about features available only in Beta. I'm hungry to use these, especially the assisted modeling features.


I asked this same question on that release notes page and didn't get a response - yet.


Please reach out to our Beta team for assistance. 


Hi David - We have a daily workflow that runs to manage beta approvals.  Beta participation is gated by two factors:  1) Is the applicant a Customer or not and 2) Does sales approve.  If both requirements are met, applicants are converted to participants and notified of that fact via an email from  So we expect at most a 24 hour turnaround.


Here are some common things to validate if you are not receiving an approval:

  • Are you using corporate email address?  If you are using a non corporate email address we dont know if you're a customer.  USE your corporate email address.
  • Sales Approval - If account is in good standing, beta program asks Sales to ‘opt-in’ and confirm beta participant account is allowed to participate in the beta program. NOTE: Check with your sales rep as they will receive an email asking them for approval within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Have you applied to the latest beta program?  Here is a link to all currently available beta programs, make sure you sign up for any current opportunities.