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How do you set the date format in an excel output


I want my date fields to export in Excel in this format 26-Sep-2018.

Will someone please let me know what tool to use to do this?


Thank you. 

Alteryx Partner

You'll want to use the DateTimeFormat(field_string, format_string) function. Something like:


DateTimeFormat([Date], '%d-%b-%Y')


You can see the codes for all the different formats here.


Let me know if you need clarification.


I realize this is an old thread, but I need help here as well.


The solution you provided will output the date as a String, meaning Excel will not see it as a valid date (so no sorting, filtering, or formulas).


Is there a way to format the actual Excel cell to a specific date format?  Specifically, I am looking to keep the cell as a Date type, but when opening in Excel, it should display them as MM/dd/yy. Right now, Excel drops the leading 0 in months 01-09.