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How do you Cache multiple input data sources at the same time in v2018.3?


Now that you can't select the cache option with a check box in the options view, how are you supposed to cache data when you have multiple data inputs?


It would be nice to have that option added back in, or if you can select all of them and then select the option, that would be great.


In the meantime, what I have to do is kick off the workflow, then stop it.  Select Cache and Run on the next Data Input, etc.. etc..


Or is there something I am missing?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

A multiple caching function isn't currently available with the "Cache and Run Workflow" feature. Alteryx has this idea flagged as "Under Review" according to this link:


Hi @Mark_Lurie


The caching functionality works by writing the data out to an Alteryx database file the first time it is run and then reading from this database for subsequent runs.  Until Alteryx implements the multiple caching functionality, you can reproduce this by splitting your workflow in two parts with the first part containing all your inputs that directly write to separate Alteryx DB files.  In the second workflow, change your inputs from the original sources to the corresponding DB files and continue processing.   


This is a little bit more setup work, but if you need to run often, the time savings can  be dramatic.  This especially true when you're developing and if you're reading from the web, but even large excel files benefit from this technique.  We had a 1 million row X 40 column .xlsx that took about 1.5 minutes to read and parse.  Once the data was put into a DB, the data was read in  about 2 seconds.  Alteryx put some serious work into the speed at which data is written to and read from these proprietary DB file formats.  




Version 2019.1.6.58192 this problem is solved.


When I right click the different widgets I want cached I still only see the 'Cache and run workflow'.  Where did you find the 'fix'?