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How do i share my workflow with others in my company?

8 - Asteroid

Alteryx Community,


I have a workflow that i built that preps a file and gets it ready for our client on a daily basis. 


As we just have a single license of Alteryx Designer, my other co-workers wouldn't be able to open up the workflow and hit the RUN button. 


Is there something simple i can setup for anyone of my co-workers to Run the program without needing Alteryx to open it up?


I've tried to read up on Analytical Apps - but i'm not sure if this is only available at the Alteryx Server level or not.


End goal is for them to open up an App - hit the RUN button and the workflow would do the rest.




15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

If you want a non-Alteryx user to run an Alteryx workflow/app, then you'd have to buy the Server product.  Or give them access to your machine.  Or have them install Alteryx and deactivate your license on your machine and have them activate it on their machine.  And then swap back and forth as needed.  


But in general, no, a non-Alteryx machine can't run something without a license.

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@jdelaguila The only other option you have besides what @mbarone mentioned, would be to have it on a Virtual Machine. 


Installing Alteryx on a VM requires a special license that would need to be discussed with your Rep.