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How do I view an analytic app's results in the gallery?

11 - Bolide

I hope this is a very basic question and my lack of use of analytic apps and the gallery.   In my example, if I run an application from the gallery, give it two dates (start/end),  and the result shows me a list of dates within that range with counts.  How do you view that output on the workflow results window without emailing yourself or generating a file or whatever.  I just want to see the simple output as a result of a successful run.  I would assume it would show a simple HTML output.


The only thing I've ever had show up was:


Status: Success

  This workflow produced no output.

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Hello @john_watkins,


I would go with Render Tool:

1) select Output Mode: Choose a specific Output File but DO NOT specified the path, only FileName and extension

2) in the Application (Interface tab), you will need to ticket that On Success - Show Results to user and select tool from previous step



Also you can read more here


Best Luck!


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @john_watkins 


Adding to @NikyN's tip, you can also use .pcxml extension (which gives you the pretty html output format), or a simple .yxdb extension with an Output tool. That will also produce an output.


The Browse tool is useless in the Alteryx Server, so you need to work with Output/Render tools to produce outputs in the Gallery.


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Thanks @NikyN and @Thableaus !!!   I was very close, but both of those solutions work.    There seems to be no way to select an output of pcxml by going through the tool so I guess you just have to know to make up a file name and use that .pcxml or whatever extension.  Almost everything I've done to date is a database load so I'm trying to come up the curve on the application side of the gallery.