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How do I run multiple files through a workflow and combine them into one set?


I have a folder containing an annual budget.  

I want to take each year's budget and run them through the workflow and combine them into one dataset.  

The source files are XML.  I can run each one thru the workflow without errors, which I assume suggests they are all structured the same.  


I have no experience with macros, but I assume I need a batch macro to bring the files in and combine them.  How?


If the files are all in the same folder, and share the same layout (which it sounds like is true), try updating your Input Data tool to use the "*" wildcard.

Assuming you need every xml file in the folder, replace the file name itself with *.xml and it should load all of them.

If there are XML files you don't want, you can be more specific, IE if the files all start with a year, you could use 20*.xml to load all files since 2000.


I ran into a problem.  The approach works, but skips a few years.  I can parse all years through the workflow successfully.  But, it appears that initial input parse includes a superfluous output for some years and not for others.  The year's that don't output the superfluous data are being dropped.


I have the input tool set to return the root element and outer xml.   The superfluous data appears to be an "attribute" of the root element.  How do I get rid of that?