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How do I run a workflow row by row?

I have a workflow calculation that has many calculation dependencies between columns. Because of this, I need to run a portion of the workflow row by row instead of column by column.  


For example, column D row 2 is calculated based on values in Row 1 of columns A, B, and C.  However, Column A, row 2 needs to perform a check on column D row 2 in order to get its value. Column A and D depend on each other and need to be calculated in conjunction with each other, but there are also dependencies between row 1 and row 2, so I can't simply use a formula tool.  



I'm using multi-row formulas to perform this calculation, but the workflow is giving me an incorrect result because it's performing calculations for column A, then B, then C, then D, so the dependencies aren't being reflected properly.  


Transposing the data didn't work, so I'm currently trying to do this with an iterative batch macro. I haven't been able to set up the macro so it will accept input in the middle of the workflow. 


Can someone give me an example of a macro which runs a section of the workflow row by row? I appreciate the help!


Can you attach example input data, expected output data from the example, and the rules you check? I'm not seeing why the Multi-Row tool wouldn't work.


Here I've created new A and D fields with a succession of Multi-Row tools. Would this approach work where you build conditions over linked Multi-Row tools?


Asign new values using Multi-Row tool.png

Thanks!  Adding additional criteria based on the condition of the other columns worked!


I appreciate it.