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How do I open a zip file using Download via a dynamic hyperlink?


I'm trying to input a hyperlink that leads to a file download. The hyperlink is dynamic and needs to come from my previous workflow. 


I tried a few things so far. I put the link in Download and tried to read/select the temp files with Dynamic Input but it didn't work (couldn't find the files).

I also tried writing a formula to target the zip file but I don't think that will work because future zips might be named something else and the formula wouldn't update to match it.

I'm also trying to use run command but the only program my computer is allowed to have for unzipping files is WinZip and I don't know how to run that command.

Does anyone know what direction I should go in?


I've attached my workflow below:

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @helenjin1 


This solution by @jdunkerley79 might help you.


Apparently the Run Command tool is used to unzip the files. 




Thanks for the reply Thableaus! 


I tried doing what the guide said but I could not follow along. I'm having trouble making the download tool even store my data from the hyperlink. It doesn't create and temp files?


When I put the link I created at the end of the first workflow into a browser it auto downloads a zip file. I think I'm not using the Download tool right but I don't know what is wrong. Do you have any advice?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I ran your workflow and it actually created the temp file. The folder where  this temp file is located appears in the outcome of the download tool.