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How do I filter out rows that have more than a certain number of fields?


I have a table in that's arranged so the name of the column is the first column and the following column is the value. For some rows, there are extra values that are not included with standard row (e.g. row 8, 9 and 10). 


How can I filter out these rows with extraneous information? 




See attached at the bottom part of the workflow. Instead of using text to columns I used a JSON parse, a text to columns, and then a crosstab.



Alteryx Partner

Hi @helenjin1 


Looks like what you've downloaded is in JSON format so you will need to use the JSON parse tool for it.


I have attached my workflow below for you with the changes made outside of the yellow container. 


Hope this helps!


- Andrew

Alteryx Partner

Hi @helenjin1 


I updated the workflow to maintain your column order too, so it reads the same as your original output. 


Not sure what importance that holds : )