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How do I Output an Excel file to my SharePoint site?


How do I Output an Excel file to my SharePoint site?


Alteryx can write files to sharepoint sites - the trick is getting Alteryx/windows to treat sharepoint as a network drive location instead of a website.  You do this by using this convention:




The ''@SSL ' is necessary if you are using HTTPS on the site.


Thanks for your answer.


I own the SharePoint site so there shouldn't be an issue there.  It not https so I removed @SSL from:




I get: Error creating the file "\\sharepoint[....]Networks": Access is denied.   [.....] is me leaving out the full addr.  Any idea?  Does http need to be in front of \\?


Thanks for any help.

Were you able to get this solved?  I'm having the same issues accessing Sharepoint server from Scheduler Server. 


I'm not sure I have an answer to your question.  I do have an answer to mine. 


I was trying to push up an Excel file to my SharePoint Site that is http and not https.


The format is:




Note: do not add http: to the front of that path

and if you have a space in your Library Name or other parts of the path then you need to add   %20   where the space would be.


Good luck.



It works find from my PC, but when running on a server, I'm getting an error: cannot access the folder:


Here's my filename:





@nnickerson I am running into the same problem. Works on my PC but not in the server. 


So far I have tried the following. 

Running with my credentials

Granting access to the Alteryx server service account

Replacing Spaces with %20


I sill get an error saying the folder cannot be accessed.


Any other ideas? 

The server may not be setup to hit that path/folder.
Check that you have WebDav installed and enabled on the server