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How can write R code for get a value as string variable from Alteryx output to R tool ?


Dear all ,Hello !


1- I have some *.RData files in a folder like d:\aaa\bbb\, and want load all *.RData files at once in Alteryx use R code.

2- Now, My method is : a- use Alteryx Tool "Directory" browse the folder, select the field 'full path' , therefore we get the path "d:\aaa\bbb\" in output. b- in R tool, use code like "data <- load(path) , write.Alteryx(data,1)" to get all *.RData files data-frame at once.

3- the Alteryx Tool "Directory" output results N * rows x N * columns, I can filter the field 'full path' , but there still have N rows for value "d:\aaa\bbb", so how can i write the R code for get a path value "d:\aaa\bbb" (only a string) as variable to "load(path)" ?

4- I only want extract a string value from the data N * rows x N * columns, what code is in the R tool ?

5- Thank you  very much !



Dear all , I got it !


It's so easy, if your value type is string, syntax of R code  is : MyData[n,n]