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How can i view questions in Alteryx app through API call in .Net



My goal is to trigger a Alteryx app using .Net. I followed this link to do what is needed to execute the workflow from .Net code CSharp. I am stuck with below issues


The workflow i am trying to call through API is created and published by a different user (not me). When i make a API call has a regular subscription i cannot see the workflows shared with me being returned. 

So i tried as ADMIN to make the API calls and i can see the Workflow but cannot access the questions associated to that workflow. 

Here are my questions/Issues:

  • Can an admin return Question associated to Workflow through API calls? I can't see that call for admin in API-Docs. 
  • As a regular subscriber Why am i not able to pull the workflows shared with me through API call? 


I am pretty new to Alteryx and all this is new to me. Any help is really appreciated. 


Thanks Everyone


Hi @boyapatm,


The admin API details only apply to those 4 admin calls, not the regular run of gallery apps. They are meant for admin-like functions.


To run a workflow on the gallery at present, you would need the API credentials of the owner of that App.


I note, that this is an area continually being looked at and so if you had some ideas on how to improve it or some fixed use cases, then I advise adding them to the ideas forum.


As well as creating a new idea, you can also vote/comment on others. Some of the related ideas that you may want to add to are:




Thank You for your response KaneG