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How can i use auto email from workflow


I'll try to test auto email generate from workflow by I try to add SMTP, TO, FROM and Subject line in email function but I got the error like in screenshot. Could you advise whether how should I do for solve this error?





I think the email component cannot use TLS connection for SMTP whereas you need to connect with TLS on office365:

2 solutions:

1) Can you use another SMTP insinde you company ?

2) Use another way to connect and send email with TLS using a CURL and the command tool (I haven't done it at the moment but I could try to help you).



Dear WilliamR


Could you advise solutions for me in case of my company use O365 only.


Which version of Alteryx Designer do you have ? 


Hello, I have a sample code using the python tool which should allow to connect to O365 and send an email with an attachement. This code requires Designer 2018.3 at least. Are you interested ? If yes, it seems to work only if you haven't 2 factor authentication and I cannot test as I need a 2 factor authentication on O365.



I've use Alteryx version 2018.3.5.52487


I'm interest your option but my I ask some more question about authentication? I don't know what authentication did you mean?


Hello, can you try this workflow ?

You have to replace information for authentication, filename,etc...

I suggest you try it alone to see if you are able to authenticate.


Hey everyone,


For those of you following this thread, as of the 2019.3 version of Alteryx Designer we have authentication functionality within the Email Tool. Users can now enter their credentials (username & password), select an encryption method, and connect to the appropriate port number.


If you are interested in connecting to a Gmail or other email service that was not previously supported by Alteryx Designer, please refer to the following knowledge base article to learn more on how to do so.

Alteryx Certified Partner
I have tried the latest Email tool and works great with O365. But can it support 2-factors authentication?