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How can I use constants in the Connection Name with AMP?

7 - Meteor

Hi, Using Constant in Connection Name for In-DB Input tool does not work with AMP.


I have created a few different ODBC connections that I use directly in the Input tool, and have created the constant User.GFT that I set to "Dev", "Test", and "Prod" depending of the environment of the workflow. 


Without AMP the connection work fine and uses the correct ODBC connection according to the constant value. When using AMP this does not work. If I replace %User.GFT% with Dev directly in the Connection Name, it works with AMP, but then the whole point of constant is gone, and there is also ridiculously much more work each time I switch between the environments. How can I get this work with AMP, and not increasing the work when switching environments?






Thank you for using AMP Engine and for bringing this to our attention. 


I ran this by our Engineers and for now a workaround seems to be to convert the workflow type to a Macro. This appears to fix the issue, but I will also add a defect to our backlog to ensure that constants with In-DB tool connections work in regular workflows with AMP by falling back to the original Engine for this functionality. In-DB tools are not AMP enabled, but that should not prevent the functionality from working in an AMP workflow. 



I also wanted to share the various AMP related resources that we have available: 


•Help Documentation


•AMP Engine Webinar (32 minutes)


•AlterEverything Podcast


•Community Blog posts  

Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, Alteryx Engines
7 - Meteor


Thank you for your reply.


I will then conclude that the AMP engine is not mature enough to be used for our cases. I will try the AMP Engine again later when the constant issue is fixed, and I'm looking forward to speeding up the processing of our workflows.